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35 Tapes

When Jarle Wangen and Morten Lund gathered in the studio a winter’s day in 2017, the plan was to listen to some sketches Jarle brought to see if they could be developed. Nobody was thinking in the prog rock direction at the time, although the two friends had been playing in a prog band way back and had a big heart for the 70’s prog scene.

Soon it became clear to them that this actually was a prog project, and the duo was swimming in wonderful sounds from the mellotron, 12-string guitars, and Moogs.

Bjørn Stokkeland joined on drums and 35 Tapes were making the music that ended up on the first album «Lost & Found», released on Apollon Records in April 2019.

The album was well received in the prog community, which inspired the band to start the recordings for album no 2, «Home».

35 Tapes started to do some gigs, and the live edition of the band was augmented with Jo Wang on keys and Andreas Eriksen on percussion & keys.
The second album «Home» was released in February 2021, again with a lot of good reviews in prog magazines and websites around the world.

At the end of 2021, Bjørn left the band. Kai Lundewall took over the drum stool, and at the same time, Andreas and Jo became full members of the group.

The new and third album by 35 Tapes will be released on October 13th, again on Apollon Records. 


The band further develops the ideas of bringing even more light and shadows to the music – and according to an early review by, they may have succeded: «On Fabric of Time you get epic, grand symphonic rock along with delicate passages, beautiful vocals and explosive instrumental crescendos that can blow your socks off»



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