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Limited edition black vinyl 10".


Our new sublabel Darkhan Music blasts off with the much demanded self-titled AVAST EP, for the first time to be released on vinyl. This is where it all started with AVAST, a two track killer release that is atmospheric, poetic, brutal, dark and mesmerizing. Giving the listener a 16 minute soundscape of Norwegian blackgaze perfection.    

The track Declare is a mockery to war itself, in a world where its inhabitants are perfectly capable of destroying their own creation, and laying a red carpet for their own extinction.    
Fire and Ice is based on one of the most popular poems by Robert Frost. Inspired by a passage in Canto 32 of Dante's Inferno, in which the worst offenders of hell, the traitors, are submerged, while in a fiery hell, up to their necks in ice.

Avast - Avast (ltd 10")

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