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Available on CD and LP (black vinyl)



01. Alda

02. Orka I  

03. Rán

04. Hrazno?

05. Himinglæva ok Kolga

06. Orka II


With “Alduorka”, their fifth full-length studio album, Norwegian Breidablik dives even deeper into the world of progressive electronic and ambient music. The band’s latest release is even richer and wide-ranging than its predecessors, with judicious use of synthesizers, guitar, flute, and drums. “Alduorka” is a concept album about waves, here understood as “a sudden occurrence of or increase in a phenomenon, feeling, or emotion”. The title “Alduorka” is from Faroese and can be translated to “wave energy”. Through six varied tracks, “Alduorka” explores different facets of waves through both sounds and emotions.


Breidablik was formed in Bergen, Norway in 2012. The current line-up includes Morten Birkeland Nielsen on synthesizers, guitars, Håkon Oftung (Jordsjø, Elds Mark, Tusmørke) on guitar, and Trond Gjellum (Panzerpappa, Suburban Savages++) on drums. Long time friend of Breidablik, V’ganðr (Helheim, Taake,) makes a guest appearance on bass guitar on Alduorka. Breidablik music is inspired by the Berlin School of Electronic Music movement (e.g. Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Michael Hoenig), albeit using a more contemporary musical expression. Breidablik’s music is instrumental and mainly based on analog synthesizers, although acoustic and electric guitars, as well as flutes and percussion, also constitute an important part of the music.

Breidablik - Alduorka

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