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Soul searching and profound, Brudini’s conceptual LP debut From Darkness, Light weaves an abstract, wandering tale through feelings of loss and longing, anger, lust and despair, towards cosmic consolation.
The beatific qualities of his songwriting and lyrics fuse seamlessly with poems by Californian writer Chip Martin, at two generations his senior. The narrative comes alive through a visceral soundscape of creaky pianos, analogue synths, syncopated jazz rhythms and the occasional jarring distorted guitar.


Available on CD and limited LP (Black vinyl, 250 copies)



01. Roselight
02. Nightcrawler
03. Hunger
04. Reflections
05. Female Rimbaud
06. Emotional Outlaw
07. Pale Gold
08. God Unknown
09. Radiant Man
10. Ariel
11. Everything is Movement
12. Boulevards

Brudini - From Darkness, Light

PriceFrom kr150.00
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