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01. Run Run Run Runner

02. Couldn't Be More Fine

03. Loose Lips

04. Anything at All

05. Ain't Made of Gold

06. Should I Quit_

07. Wherever We Are

08. To Fly Another Day

09. Good Times, Anyway

10. Teenage Wasteland


Come on Down by Castaway Hounds is raw but polished, heavy but sweet, fast and slow and about highs and lows. Tracks like “Couldn´t Be More Fine” and “Run Run Run Runner” are joyful and at times somewhat naive, they make you wanna jump out of your seat, take some serious risk and shake loose, but on the other hand, the downside of being a “weekend athlete” is definitely present in tracks like “Should I Quit” and “Ain´t Made of Gold” which nurtures the depth and balance of the record. On the “third hand” some serious
strange is presented in the riff odyssey “Anything At all” and in the trancy tongue in cheek sassy-track “Wherever We Are”, it seriously makes you wanna strut, in fact, I dare you not to.
The lyrics and facilitating melodies can be described as fun, honest, loose, hopeful, and at times carefree. Full of surprises this lot and they got riffs for days!
Safe to say an exciting start for the band that is, Castaway Hounds.

Castaway Hounds - Come on Down

PriceFrom kr150.00
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