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Limited edition LP on red vinyl (250x). Released 03.06.2022.


Deadly Cliffs is a wild new rock duo from Bergen, Norway. The pair plays in bands like Major Parkinson and Dobbeltgjenger and their music is hard-hitting, reckless and uglypretty™. Born out of the global pandemic and its inevitable cultural vacuum, the very deadly and cliffy boys Vegard Wikne and Sondre Veland decided to meet up in the studio and bang out some new tracks. One session resulted in eight non-click drum-tracks, and later that week an album was recorded.


This impulsive piece of music was named “Shut Your Ears!”. The album is a barely contained and manic 30 minutes of rock and can be understood as a “JESUS FUCKING CHRIST” to the world and all its terribleness. From the orange and money-thirsting Trumps of the world, to the mundane and oddly depressive existence of the youth in privileged countries, to the all-consuming digital hellhole that we as a species have dug ourselves head deep in -this album has it all



01. Lost in the Mail

02. Moskus

03. Nowhere Then, No Hair Now!

04. I Want a Secret That I Can Tell Everyone

05. Do What You’re Told

06. Go to France

07. Gadd in Heaven

08. Between facebook and Shitting in the Woods

Deadly Cliffs - Shut Your Ears!

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