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Det Skandaløse Orkester from Bergen, Norway, are known for being very unpopular.

But now they have made an album that hopefully will put an end to all that.

This sensational album is entitled “Tenk om noen ser deg”, which can be translated to “What if someone saw you”. And that is the main underlying theme of all the lyrics; the self-conscious fear of what others may think about your behaviour and appearance. 

The music is eclectic and hard to categories. It opens with a 10 minutes long prog epic, divided into four tracks. The rest of the album consists of a genre blend of funk, kabaret, jazz/rock and classical music. It is ugly and beautiful, funny and scary.

If you like the music of Frank Zappa, King Crimson, Tom Waits, Mr. Bungle, Pink Floyd, Igor Stravinsky, Spike Jones, Walt Disney, Beverly Hills 90210 and Twin Peaks, you will most likely find something on this album for you to enjoy.

01. Skandale Mentale

02. Lokkemann, lokkemann, kor e du no

03. Skandale Morale

04. Epilogue

05. Skulle jævlig vært på TV

06. Ukomfortabel

07. Skandale Fenomenale

08. Forvirret

09. En naken mann ble funnet i et bosspann

10. Verdens beste land

Det Skandaløse Orkester - Tenk om noen ser deg - LP

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