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Two albums in one!

Available on CD and a special limited 60 minute LP version, with one album on each side.


Fredrik Saroea is best known as the frontman of Norway's bizarre, global pisco punk sensation – DATAROCK. After years touring the world with alternative bangers such as "Fa-Fa-Fa" he now presents an entirely different side to his songwriting:.

As COVID-19 shut down live music, Saroea started recording in their label YAP Records' studio –YAP HQ in Bergen (Norway) – with DATAROCK drummer Øyvind Solheim helping out engineering & co-producing. The 12 songs jammed in on the 28 minute long album was also mixed by Solheim & Saroea at YAP HQ, and then shipped to UK's legend Mike Marsh (Björk, Massive Attack, Oasis, DATAROCK) for mastering. The solo album Rona Diaries was inspired by everything from post-rock (like The Sea and Cake) via hard-core (like Fugazi), noise-rock (like U.S. Maple), space-rock (like Flying Saucer Attack), art-rock (like Blonde Redhead) to Morrissey's indie-classics, Sun Kil Moon's lyrical songwriting, John Martyn's etheric "Small Hours" and Scott Walker's ballads.

The Release concert took place on May 28th 2021 with an internationally streamed concert in Norway's stately Grieg Hall – famous for the most iconic true Norwegian black metal recordings. Here, Saroea was backed by award-winning string quartet BIT20 Ensemble (Martin Shultz on violin, Liene Klava on viola, Agnese Rugevica on cello, Johannes Wik on harp with arrangements by Bjørn Morten Christophersen), merging his contemplative indie rock with the exquisite air of a chamber orchestra.
Thus, the tracks from Rona Diaries were premiered to an unsuspecting public who were more familiar with his former band’s rhythmic brand of dance music.




Rona Diaries: The Chamber Versions:

01. I’m a Rock

02. Battered & Bruised

03. Bulletproof Vest

04. The End

05. A Matter of Dying

06. Bergheim

07. Understatement Love Song

08. Stray Cats

09. Dragging You Down

10. The Family You Got to Choose

11. Feather in the Cap

12. Heaven Knows Those Songs Weren’t Heaven Sent


Rona Diaries:

13. I’m a Rock

14. Battered & Bruised

15. Bulletproof Vest

16. The End

17. A Matter of Dying

18. Bergheim

19. Understatement Love Song

20. Stray Cats

21. Dragging You Down

22. The Family You Got to Choose

23. Feather in the Cap

24. Heaven Knows Those Songs Weren’t Heaven Sent

Fredrik Saroea - Rona Diaries: The Chamber Versions / Rona Diaries

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