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Preorder, to be released on June 6th 2024. Limited edition LP on yellow vinyl (250x)


Qualmbum is the fourth full-length album from Norwegian pop punk veterans goldenboy.


Qualmbum is just as simple as it is complicated. Just as happy as it is sad. Most of the eleven tracks on the album were written after catastrophe hit lead singer and songwriter Torkel back in January 2022, when he and his wife lost their newborn son due to fatal hospital mistakes.

The first and the last song on the album, My Name is Dad and Qualm, reflect on the sorrow and the trauma you go through losing a child, while the song Please Hold describes the anger and aggression you deal with when there actually is someone to blame. Rated R and Para Toda la Vida are both hymns to Torkel’s wife, while Lately is an anthem attempting to look forward to something and someone, as Torkel a year ago became a father for the fourth time.


Other songs on the album were written a while before 2022, and deal with more everyday-9-to-5-normal-people-issues: Heartbreaks, hangovers, family, and the struggle between me, myself and I.



01. My Name is Dad

02. Rated R

03. Please Hold

04. Late Night Buzz

05. Empty Handed

06. Lately

07. Rain on my Parade

08. In that Bottle

09. You had me at Goodbye

10. Para Toda la Vida

11. Qualm

goldenboy - Qualmbum

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