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Available on CD and limited edition LP (black vinyl, 250x)


Green Sky Accident from Bergen, Norway plays indie rock with lots of energy, catchy riffs and a whole lotta love. A good melody is essential for every song, the arrangements are always built around those. Their music can be compared to the indie heroes of the nineties - jangly and noisy, and sweet while still packing a punch.


While their previous records were made mostly for themselves with little thought of reaching a wider audience, their new record Daytime TV sounded too good to be kept secret, and the band signed a deal with Apollon Records to release it in the spring of 2022. The album is a remarkably cohesive experience considering how varied the different songs are. There is lovely power pop in the songs Insert Coin and Finding Failure, prog tendencies in the song Daytime TV, aggressive double bass drums on the song In Vain, and big sweeping atmospheric songs like Screams at Night and Point of no Turn, to name half of the songs contained within the album.



01. Faded Memories

02. In Vain

03. Point of No Turn

04. Insert Coin

05. Screams at Night

06. Finding Failure

07. Daytime Tv

08. Sensible Scenes

09. Lid

10. While It Lasted

Green Sky Accident - Daytime TV

PriceFrom kr150.00
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