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Released on February 17th. Limited edition LP on red vinyl (250x)


Over the course of the past few years Hedda Mae has released a series of glorious pop EPs, heavily influenced by her favorite music from the 90s and 00s. With the ambitious debut “Introducing: Hedda Mae”, followed by the groovy and full-of-attitude “The Early Struggles of a Late Millennial” and finally the energetic “This Might Get Loud”, the trilogy is now complete.

Hedda Mae has garnered a lot of attention and praise nationally and internationally. Since 2020
she has released an EP trilogy, been featured as one of the artists in the NRK show "De Neste", and played at festivals such as Moldejazz, Klubbøya, SPOT Festival and many more. In November 2022, Hedda Mae also joined Kakkmaddafakka on their EU tour as a supporting artist on large venues in Berlin, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Paris and many more.

“The Greatest Hits… So Far!” is a celebration of the trilogy and really shows off Hedda Mae's infectious personality, attitude and songwriting abilities.



01. Introducing Hedda Mae
02: Madness
03. Another Stranger
04. Carry On
05. It Ain’t You
06. Pride Goes Before A Fall
07. What Do You Want From Me

08. This Might Get Loud

09. Rhythm To Myself

10. Take It Or Leave It

11. Mr.Big Mouth

12. Wake Up

13. Winner

14. Getting Along

Hedda Mae - The Greatest Hits ...So Far!

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