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Available on CD and LP.


Norseman Jørgen Dretvik (from Trondheim, Norway) unleashes his new album "Psykomagi"- a ritualistic healing art where one uses symbolic actions to release emotional and
psychological blockages.

Dretvik explains: "The songs on the album were created through a deep dive into the psyche, going into the darkest corners in my mind where it hurts the most. I'm trying to transform the black holes into a creative, uplifting and liberating force through the usage of words and sounds. The lyrics are documenting the process while the music is trying to move the emotions from chaos to clarity and balance.

"Psykomagi" is first and foremost my own personal and internal revolution but in my experience, sharing something deeply personal one can also reach something universal.

Jørgen Dretvik - Psykomagi

PriceFrom kr150.00
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