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MOLO from Bergen, Norway, is all about contemporary rocky shore music. The band – deeply embedded within transatlantic musical traditions – has received inspirations from bands like Fairport Convention, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Flying Norwegians, Lindisfarne, Eagles, and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.


This inspiration – coupled with creative imagination, elated musicianship and a multitude of difference-making experiences, has finally allowed MOLO to come up with a fresh mixture of chords, melodies and lyrics that merge and depart in ever-changing cycles of novelty and tradition.


Digifile CD



1. Rouletting wheels

2. Ramble with the wind

3. Three River Bridge

4. Bid farewell

5. Stargazing

6. Crossroads of confusion

7. The ferryman

8. Major Chord

9. The Ratchet

10. Tolerate the twain

11. I don’t want to lose myself

12. When innocence died

13. Incarnate castle

14. Down the rougher roads

Molo - Earthsongs - CD

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