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Released January 27th 2023

Available on CD and limited edition LP (with CD included)


Kin is the new solo album from multi-instrumentalist, poet, novelist and translator Pedro Carmona-Alvarez. the Norwegian artist who releases his music under the name Moonpedro And The Sinking Ship. Since 2007 he has released four albums: Ed Wood (2007), Homegrown (2013), Let's Pig (2018) and The Beatles - White album revisited (2018).


His books are translated to several languages, such as English, German, Danish, Turkish and Czech. He is also translator from Spanish and English, and in 2015 he was handpicked by PJ Harvey to translate her book of book of poems The Hollow of The Hand to both Norwegian and Spanish.


In the 90´s Pedro Carmona-Alvarez was the singer of Sister Sonny, and between 1995 and 2007 he released several records with the band.



01. The Bank

02. Cluster Two

03. Don't Blame the Kids

04. Home Alone, Captain

05. Anna in Church

06. Cluster Past

07. The Family

08. The Sea

Moonpedro & the Sinking Ship - Kin

PriceFrom kr160.00
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