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Released on November 17th 2023. Limited edition LP in gatefold cover (250x)


Olav Wöllo is a legit great songmaker, and he‘s about to release something new.
When he wasn ́t being a skate punk in northern Norway, he was living in tool sheds in Brazil.
When he wasn ́t trying his hand at being a restaurateur, he was on his way to becoming a capoeira master. Now he ́s arrived fully formed as a kind of cosmic, Latin-tinged, neo-psychedelic troubadour - can you even imagine!?


Backed by some of the finest musicians from the infamous Bergen scene (members from Shaman Elephant, Slomosa and Heatwaves), Olav has produced a true gem and a classic. Catch the big one with Olav Wöllo!



01. Campaigner

02. Storms and Hurricanes

03. In Bare Feet (Welling Up)

04. As billy as I've been

05. Adieu

06. Barn Swallows

07. Mini Moon (TCO)

08. Animal (Out on a Limb)

09. Carnival Light

10. Shinner

Olav Wöllo - Temporarily Captured Objects

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