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Available on CD and limited LP (red/black marble vinyl)


Ole Teigen is a multiinstrumentalist and composer from Norway releasing his debut solo album in a strange realm of minor jazz and neo classical on Apollon Records. Ole has for many years been working with bands like Superlynx, Dødheimsgard, Skitliv, Den Saakaldte etc. - and also his own projects like Teigen : Munkvoll (jazz) and Ole Devil & The Spirit Chasers (Blues).


Inspired by the tragic loss of his big brother, this hauntingly beautiful album contains the following tracks:

01. Barndom

02. Aske og Jord

03. Det Uvisse

04. Magician in Despair

05. Den Tyngste Dagen

06. Fugl

Ole Teigen - Aske og Jord

PriceFrom kr150.00
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