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Available on CD, regular LP (black vinyl), limited red vinyl (500x) and limited white LP (500x)


A Product of the ‘80s,”Product”(1982) was the sequel to “Block To Block” -the breakthrough album by Andrej Nebb, Ola Snortheim and Jørn Christensen. Like its predecessor, “Product” was produced by John Leckie and De Press. Both albums are now being re-released by Apollon Records on vinyl and CD.

What is it about these two records? They still sound like nothing else from the Norwegian music scene. Both albums were on par with anything from the wider world, and this in a time where international New Wave and Post Punk classics were being released on an almost weekly basis. They encapsulate the sound of an entire era and may mirror the contemporary zeitgeist of its time so brilliantly that we still see ourselves in them.


If its predecessor was the party before the proverbial bomb went off, their sophomore album was the sound of the seconds leading up to the explosion. It sounds exciting and full of vitality—and fascinatingly dangerous. Like a Polish-Norwegian Joy Division from the underground of some forsaken city. Just listen to the intensity of songs like “The Fatal Day”, “Passages”, “In A Crowded Room”, and the title cut.



01. The Fatal Day
02. In a Position to Know
03. Passage
04. In a Crowded Room
05. Signals
06. Product
07. Other Man's Sin
08. Heaven
09. Total Corruption
10. Swienty Pokoj



De Press - Product (2021 Remaster)

PriceFrom kr150.00
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