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Available on CD and LP.


Everything That’s Entertainment Records ever released is rooted in the blues and we are immensely proud to finally have the chance to release the real deal. Richard Gjems has been around a long time and he’s played on countless records and soundtracks  since the 1990s. When Stu Manx managed to get Richard to lay down some ultra cool blues harp tracks on a couple of songs on the DANG!!! – Sociopathfinder album, I was knocked out completely. I decided it was time for Richard to do a solo album.


During the Corona pandemic in 2020-21 Richard delivered videos regularly throughout the period on his YouTube channel, and I suggested making an album out of these recordings. Richard liked the idea and here is the result: The YouTube Sessions 2020/21. Barbones vocals, guitar, mandolin and harmonica. All songs performed live in his living room and recorded on his smartphone. As Richard so humbly describes himself: "A middle-aged man playing blues in the Anthropocene. Nothing more and nothing less. Standing on the shoulders of giants who lived under systematic repression and institutionalized racism. The blues is the truth. Always." Word!

01. Strange Love (J. Moore/J. West)
02. Moon Going Down (Charley Patton)
03. Harmonica Holler (Richard Gjems)
04. Rock Me Baby (King/Josea)
05. Devil Got My Woman (Skip James)
06. John Hardy (Trad.)
07. Come Back Baby (W. Davis)
08. Found Love (Jimmy Reed)
09. Twelve Gates To The City (Trad.)
10. Blue Mandolin (Richard Gjems)
11. Cool Drink Of Water Blues (Tommy Johnson)
12. Poor Black Mattie (Ranie Burnette)
13. See That My Grave Is Kept Clean (Blind Lemon Jefferson)
14. Illinois Blues (Skip James)
15. Love That Burns (Peter Green/Clifford Adams)

Richard Gjems - The YouTube Sessions

PriceFrom kr150.00
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