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Limited edition 7" single (250 copies). Exclusive to the band and our webshops.


"During the recording of our previous album, it turned out that we had some tape left over after the recording process. As the record company had already contacted us a few times in the past looking for bonus material, we thought; 'yep, we'll come up with something fun.'

Every single time Ring Van Möbius plays together we start with a jam, and from a couple of such spontaneous antics we quickly put together this song which now forms the a-side of the single. The work with this material stood in contrast to the epic and rather complex material we worked on for the album, and in that sense was a breath of fresh air without any concrete thoughts about where this should end. We also had the pleasure of including our children and their friends, who then formed a children's choir, which in the song mocks us old prog-gnomes and rightly so, with a twinkle in the eye.


The B-side of the single consists of our version of Edvard Grieg's "Anitra's Dance", which we have incorporated into our concert setups a few times already. It was very spontaneous, and not least the last part of the song which is just a series of lucky coincidences.

I think both songs were recorded live, first take, then to get vocals and other overdubs in place.

Very funny for us, hope it rubs off on you!"


Side A: The Song That Wasn't Actually a Song (Do They Think It’s Jazz?)

Side B: Anitras Dans

Ring Van Möbius -The Song That Wasn't Actually a Song (Do They Think It’s Jazz?)

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