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Simen Lyngroth is finally ready with his Simen Lyngroth is finally ready with his second album, titled "Looking for the spark like it's just around the corner". The songs explore a fairy-tale-like, yet modern environmenti n which the main character embarks on a journey in search for “the spark”.The album is produced by Simen’s favourite musician, Kristoffer Lo (ex-Highasakite), and with illustrations by Thomas Emil Jacobsen.


Jewel Case CD -  Released April 3rd 2020.



01. The Town

02. Time

03. Mask Off

04. Morning Light

05. Just Around The Corner

06. Down

07. Spin Me a Web

08. Muse

09. Reward

10. Spark

Simen Lyngroth - Looking for the Spark... - CD

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