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Double LP - available on vinyl for the first time.


Sister Sonny was formed in Bergen in 1994. They debuted with the Ep Holly Golightly in 1995 and released their first long player Why I feel She's Not To Be Trusted in 1997.
The Bandit Lab was their fourth album, originally released in 2001.It was recorded in Duper Studio with producer Jørgen Træen (Jaga Jazzist, Kaizers Orchestra, etc.) and is seen by many as Sister Sonny's masterpiece.



01. Rumba Parumba

02. Sonnyology

03. Nothing Amuses the People as a Puppet

04. Superpurple

05. Stupid and the Silver Fox

06. Neon Party

07. Leonard in Drag

08. Educating Jimmy

09. Schlafen Zie

10. Thank You, Robert

11. Watching a House Burn Down

12. Girl at the Heart of My Grief

13. Burning Teddy

14. Cameron

15. Bugs Dream#2

16. Sickest Move

17. Watchman

Sister Sonny - The Bandit Lab (2LP)

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