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First ever vinyl release of this Norwegian indie classic, originally released in 2000.

Includes the 2001 EP "Proudly Presents The Songs Of The Hot Butter Band EP" as bonus tracks.


Limited 2LP in gatefold cover (250x)



01. The Man Who Covered Himself
02. Liquid
03. A Girl Called Pola
04. Lady Patrick
05. Lars Miles
06. Seventeen
07. Worry/Careless
08. Be The Dog
09. 23 Stills
10. Åka Skidor
11. Orange
12. Triptych
13. What's Happening In Dance (Ib Kleiser)


Sister Sonny Proudly Presents The Hot Butter Band EP
14. An Hour In An Airless Box
15. I'll Be With Her(In Apple Blossom Time)
16. New Farm Street Blues
17. Bug's Dream

Sister Sonny - While Others Dance + Butter Band - ltd 2LP

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