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Available on CD and limited edition LP (Pink vinyl, 250x)


Sonisk Blodbad returns with their fourth full-length album - featuring a bigger, more enhanced soundscape than ever before. If you’re a fan of dark, 80s electronica in the vein of Coil and Cabaret Voltaire, coupled together with atmospheric Krautrock (think Klaus Schulze) and early Pink Floyd, then this Bergen based electronic collective is exactly what you’ve been looking for!

On this album, Sonisk Blodbad consists of: Niklas Rundquist , Nick Cash Goes Hard , Heidi Torsvik , Tord Litleskare , Haavard Tveito , Sam Fossbakk , Ulf Hussein Sufi Knudsen , Laurie Amat , Conrad Schnitzler, Wolfgang Seidel, Jan-Morten Iversen , Oliver Kersbergen, Steven Cerio & Italia Ruotolo The album was mastered by the American producer Daniel Winter Lazarus — a man who has been involved in everything from the Donald Fagen album “The Nightfly” to the Jean Michel Jarre-penned masterpiece “Zoolook” to name a few.



01. Sonisk Blodbad 4
02. Alan Vega 2.0
03. Photons
04. The Shores of Oblivion
05. Dark Clouds Passing By
06. An Echo in the Dungeon of My Heart
07. Aspik
08. Blue Triptych (CD bonus track)

Sonisk blodbad - Shores of oblivion

PriceFrom kr150.00
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