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Released on April 14th 2023. Limited edition cassette (100x)


Spirit Tomb is a Norwegian one-man band formed in 2020, and consists of multi-instrumentalist Leon Kristoffer, who handles piano, cello and voice.
"The Lotus of Dahlia" is the first chapter of Spirit Tomb's "Aandegrav trilogy".
The next two installments in the “Aandegrav Trilogy” will be the LPs Spiritus Lacrimarum and The Haunted Palace.

Statement from Leon Kristoffer:
“The realm of Spirit Tomb is where old ghosts are conjured. Flesh and spectral limbs entwine in a dance that ultimately escorts the dead to their final destination in eternal solace.
The Lotus of Dahlia is the first chapter of Spirit Tomb’s ‘Aandegrav Trilogy,’ which will take the listener through a journey of loss, grief and catharsis. It begins with grief. The Lotus of Dahlia speaks of the open wound of heartache in its most beautiful form — for there is beauty in everything."



01. In Her Heart of Hearts

02. A Desire for Beauty

Spirit Tomb - The Lotus of Dahlia

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