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Available on CD and ltd LP (250x)



01. I Will Follow

02. Downfall

03. Politics

04. The Conflict (Part 1)

05. Time


Tammatoys was formed in 1999 by Kjetil Bergseth and Øystein Utby, both with experience from different bands in several genres, as an outlet for their common fascination with progrock. In 2000 they released their first EP "Circles", and in 2004 came the sequel "Within A Dream". After these two releases, the band has been dormant, but is now ready for a comeback! For the past two or three years, the band has been working on material for a new album, "Conflicts". There was so much material that there will most likely be more
releases within a couple of years.
The idea behind Tammatoys was to make prog rock with inspiration from bands such as Yes, Genesis and Rush, interspersed with a dose of pop with the melodies at the forefront.

Tammatoys - Conflicts

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