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Tic Tic is a synth duo consisting of Irene Svendsen og Kai Drange based in Kristiansand,

“We make electronic music with a hint of alternative nostalgia. Elements from trip-hop,
synthpop and post-rock is all part of the mix. Bands that have influenced us include Massive
Attack, Depeche Mode and Dead Can Dance.”

Programmed patterns are combined with expressive, electronic instruments, as for example
the Eigenharp. This creates an organic, imperfect and human sound.
For the last seven years, Kai and Irene have collaborated as Tic Tic on compositions, lyrics,
recording and mixing from their music studio in their home in Kristiansand.

Available on CD and LP.



01. My Tribe

02. Autopilot

03. Fake It

04. Croix Rousse

05. A Bird Falling From A Tree

06. Everything Familiar

07. Get Back In Line

08. You Drank Ian

09. In This Together

10. Puppets And Toys

Tic Tic - Comfort in the Echo

PriceFrom kr150.00
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