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Released on April 14th 2023. Limited edition 10" vinyl (250x)


Utflod was founded by Oda and Ru in 2011, while they were studying in Bergen. The duo wanted to create chaos and havoc in the city's hardcore scene. Eventually they became a full band, consisting of Oda (Vocals), Ru (Guitar, vocals), Daniel (Guitars), Mirco(Bass) and Kristoffer (Drums).
Utflod is known for their short, quick and aggressive songs, and have played with bands like Taake, Black Debbath, Slegest, and many more.

Utflod has been described as Bergen's angiest band, with something to say. The band is inspired by hardcore, black metal and punk, and their expression is a special blend of those genres.

This 10" vinyl release of their digital EP "Undergang" contains the bonus track "Naboen".



01. Mensensnerk

02. Virus

03. Flink Pike

04. Undergang

05. Naboen

Utflod - Undergang (10")

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