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Vector Seven’s cyberpunk / synthwave opus entitled "Dark Metropolis" is a trailblaze


pulsating album, that takes you on a ride through the metropolis driven by corrupted
syndicates, cybernetic street gangers, and infinite hive wars. It is infinitely dark.
"Dark Metropolis" is one of Vector Seven’s most gritty album to date. Filled with possessed
pulsating bass lines, intense captivating rhythms, and true cyber dimensional atmosphere. A
craft done by a true cyberpunk Maestro.
Now, for the first time ever on vinyl & CD.

Dark Metropolis proves that synthwave is not dead.
Welcome to the future, welcome to the Dark Metropolis.



01. Carnage
02. Shirakawa Type 3
03. Meta Machine
04. Militech
05. Breach
06. Combat Zone
07. Arasaka HQ
08. Brainface

Vector Seven - Dark Metropolis

PriceFrom kr150.00
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