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Released on April 21st 2023. Available on CD and LP (Black vinyl).

Angela Chambers and Jason Letkiewicz met while both were living in NYC. They hit it off straight away, bonding over a shared love of electronic music and classic rock. Making music together was the next logical step, and so they started writing songs and collaborating. Soon after, Angela decided to move to Berlin. About a year later Jason also moved to Berlin and soon after they began writing and recording new material.​ First came Askew in 2020. And now their sophomore album “Sliding Lines” is here for you!



01. For You

02. Glance

03. Smile

04. Best Of

05. Absorb

06. Not So

07. Downfall

08. Lie

09. Chances

10. Sliding Lines

11. Crush

12. Beg

13. Tell

Waking Dreams - Sliding Lines

PriceFrom kr160.00
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