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Available on CD and limited LP (black vinyl, 250x)



01. Sacrea Sympphoniae (39.49)


The third Weserbergland album Sacrae Symphonia no.1 was inspired by music spanning more than 5 centuries: Venetian late renaissance music to the sonic exploration of avantgarde composer Karlheinz Stockhausen and the German experimental rock music scene in the 70s and beyond.


Some of the music of the sole 40 minute long track has been written, and some of it have been improvised. But all of it has been edited with heavy hands by composer/producer Ketil Vestrum Einarsen using code language and open source software on inexpensive single board computers.


The end result is an album spanning athmospheric classical elements, experimental electronic music, full on noise rock assaults and anything inbetween. John McEntire (Tortoise et cetera) used his vast experience with experimental music to mix the album in a way that binds the album together.

Weserbergland - Sacrae Symphoniae No. 1

PriceFrom kr150.00
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