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Available on CD, black vinyl and limited transparent blue vinyl (250x).


Ym:Stammen was a legendary, ethnic-influenced post-punk band from Oslo, Norway. Formed in 1983, by Trygve Mathie, they released six albums, peaking with their no.1-album Guden-i-Steinen in 1997. The tribe of Ymir drew from a wide variety of influences, sometimes hard to label, and named everything from Iron Age-punk, World music and astral-punk to Nordic Stump. With their clear Nordic pagan approach, the band were influential on the Norwegian Black Metal scene, as well as contemporary bands like Wardruna and Heilung.


Ulv! Ulv! is the fifth Ym-Stammen album, originally released to rave reviews in 1994, containing some of their most well known songs like Solbeven, Budbringere, and the epic Hevner-Kvadet.

Ym:stammen were gigging frequently both domestically and abroad in the 1980s and 1990s, like festivales in London, Dublin, and Hultsfred, as well as touring Canada, the Faroe Islands (as documented by Norwegian National TV), and an amazing performance at the Roskilde Festival in 1994.


Ulv! Ulv! has never before been released on vinyl. The album has been remastered by Morten Lund for this re-release, and this true Norwegian masterpiece is  ready to be shown to the world again.



01. Budbringere

02. (Vi Blir) Fisk

03. Atland

04. Min Brud

05. Ulv! Ulv!

06. Det Springende Punkt

07. På Taket

08. Spøk

09. Hevner-Kvadet

10. Endelig

11. Solbeven

Ym:Stammen - Ulv! Ulv!

PriceFrom kr150.00
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