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Released on 22. March 2024. Available on CD and LP.

Norwegian art-rock quartet Yobrepus returns with ‹rock opera›, «A Rhizome Revolution», which will be released in two parts this year. In philosophy, the concept of a rhizome is used to describe something non-linear, with no apparent origin or hierarchy. As such, Yobrepus explores a range of crises that together form a revolution: the climate crisis, inequality, the existential threat of AI, resource scarcity, and the crisis within our political systems.


Through the two albums, listeners are presented with fragments of personal stories, in no apparent order, each offering distinct perspectives on the revolutionary events. In this first part, a group of rebels prepare for violence while the rich and powerful get ready to upload their consciousness to the cloud. Later, murderous AI drones roam the streets, and a high-ranking official gets tried for a genocide. And still, someone finds room to sing a song about love?



01. Stay Cool

02. The Enabler

03. Protozoa

04. Holy Motors

05. Firestorm

06. Jupiter

Yobrepus - A Rhizome Revolution Part 1

PriceFrom kr200.00
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