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Yobrepus is an alternative rock band from Oslo, Norway. The band is helmed by singer and songwriter Mats Jørgen Sivertsen, who has previously worked with visual art, comics and film. In addition the group consists of Vegard Weyergang Vartdal on bass, Øyvind Rognerud on keys, and Paal Urdal on drums. Leon Muraglia, an English krautrock guitarist and composer, who did a brief stint in Salvatore and has worked with names like Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Damo Suzuki, joins on guitar.


Continuing the fungal theme from the previous release title, «Mycelium Days» sees Yobrepus venture into a more progressive territory than before. The album starts with a 22-minute long medley that pays homage to legendary songs like Echoes and Lark's Tongues in Aspic. Get ready for long instrumental parts with mellotrons! However, it would be wrong to describe the music as retro. On the contrary, this is text-book post-progressive, and much more coherent than their previous effort. Sure, there’s still that vibe of indie rock, and the odd touch of 90s trip-hop, but where we would previously draw comparisons to the Beatles,
Radiohead or Sparklehorse – we now hear the influence of acts like King Crimson, Pink Floyd and Porcupine Tree.

Available on CD and LP



01. Mycelium
02. What If
03. Down
04. Step Up
05. Wangari
06. Piao

Yobrepus - Mycelium Days

PriceFrom kr150.00
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