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The classic fifth album from Norwegian Industrial rock band Zeromancer – for the first time on vinyl!

Gatefold cover, 4-page lyrics booklet, 180g transparent vinyl with "Pearl Necklace" splatter. (400x)

Super limited numbered webshop exlusive version with signed band photo (100x)



01. 2.6.25

02. Industrypeople

03. The Hate Alphabet

04. The Death of Romance

05. The Pygmalion Effect

06. Murder Sound

07. Revengefuck

08. Virgin Ring

09. The Plinth

10. Mint

11. V


Originally released in 2010, “The Death of Romance” was the 5th album from Zeromancer – The industrial rock band which rose out of the ashes of Norway’s greatest rock band Seigmen in 1999.

With songs such as Murder Sound and The Pygmalion Effect, the album was considerably darker that its predecessor “Sinners International”, and the album remains a favourite among many of their most dedicated fans.


The album has never been released on vinyl before, and has been remastered for vinyl by Chris Sansom, who mixed the album in 2010. Straight from the studio tapes.

Zeromancer - The Death of Romance LP

PriceFrom kr280.00
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