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Available on CD and LP.

Throw together a washed out, but surprisingly fit garage rocker with too much time on his hands, a guitar, a smart phone, an old drum machine and fifty samples, and you’re as close as you can possibly get to minimum style done with maximum effort. And the latest effort from ex-Kwyet Kings and Lust-O-Rama (now DANG!!!) front man Arne Thelin in a decade and a half is in the shape of an album (LP
/CD) on Apollon Records. Recorded the BITHAMMER! way, deep into the damp snake infested jungles of Suriname and on pristine Caribbean island beaches while sipping umbrella clad piña coladas, and stitched together with Yugoslavian precision in Podgorica, Montenegro. Minimum style and maximum effort indeed!



01. That's Entertainment

02. Make You Mine

03. Why!

04. God Mode, Death March

05. Pushin' Too Hard

06. The Garden Of Eden

07. Ain't Gonna Leave

08. Can't Get Enough

09. What Am I Gonna Do

10. Turning My Back (On The World For You)

11. The Garden Of Sweden

Bithammer - Minimum Style, Maximum Effort!

PriceFrom kr150.00
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