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Limited LP (100 copies only).


After releasing three albums in as many years, Egge is finally picked up by Bergen label Apollon Records. “The Rumor is True: I can go in Circles” is a spicy little album with ten banging songs, with a clear focus on Egge’s distinctive lyrical style. The album was recorded live with Egge’s new band and producer Eirik Marinius behind the wheel. This release is far more “poppy” and available than Egge’s earlier releases. 


Releasedate: 25.11.2022


01. The Rumour is true

02. Partners in Crime

03. Right Kinda Girl

04. Higher and Higher

05. Holy Was the Fire

06. Mama's Sleep

07. Victoria Cafe & Pub

08. Nicknames

09. Crying in the Streets

10. I can go in Circles

Egge - The Rumour is True: I can go in Circles

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