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Available on CD, standard LP and limited LP versions on white and yellow vinyl (ltd to 375x)

Originally released in 1976, remastered from the original master tapes by Morten Lund.


Wounded Bird by Flying Norwegians is the best Norwegian country rock album to ever have been made. An album that is so convincingly good, in every conceivable way, that it was almost released by A&M Records. But it’s also an album that serves as a classic example in which everything that can go wrong, does go wrong. And at the worst possible time.

“Almost” will serve as the keyword here. First the good news: Flying Norwegians released their first LP in the autumn of 1974 and was quickly hailed as an extraordinary Norwegian band. The album was proof that a Norwegian band could, in fact, compete with American artists in the same genre, country rock in this case. Therefore, the expectations surrounding the follow up album were huge. But these expectations were resoundingly met. The ten songs recorded for “Wounded Bird” showed a maturity in musical expression, as well as the lyrics—many of these written by the painter, Per Helge Hansen. And once again, the album featured some provocative cover artwork: a dead bird on a dinner plate.



01. Crazy Eyes Go Blind

02. Turn the Page

03. Taste of Money

04. Let's Walk to the River

05. Evening Prayer

06. Wounded Bird

07. Tangles

08. It's Over

09. Old Lady

10. Absolutely Sweet Marie

Flying Norwegians - Wounded Bird

PriceFrom kr150.00
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