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Jazzy psychedelic space rock band Glutton is ready with their third album Eating Music.
The power trio – consisting of Eirik Ørevik Aadland on guitar and vocals, Ola Mile Bruland on bass and Jonas Eide Hollund on drums and vocals – has taken the band in a new direction, creating an album with great variety and contrast. Eating Music is an atmospheric, exploratory and hard-hitting piece of music, built from improvisation and merging sounds from the progressive rock of the 70s right through to contemporary jazz.

Employing a full horn section, strings from Kari Rønnekleiv (Motorsycho, Ulver, Sunn O)))) and Ole-Henrik Moe (Honest John, Sheriffs Of Nothingness, The Island Band, The Olsens), Thomas Meidell (The Samuel Jackson Five, Mt. Melodie, Metronomicon Audio) and Trond Gjellum (Panzerpappa, Suburban Savages) on samples, synthesizers and percussion, Eating Music has become the sound of several experienced musical forces combining to create an ambitious clash of control and spontaneity.

Preorder, to be released on May 24th



1. Far Away

2. Eating Music 1
3. The Tomb of the Unknown Ontonaut
4. Eating Music 2
5. Pinhole

6. Eating Music 3

7. Future Blue

8. Holes in Time

9. Space and Our Hearts

Glutton - Eating Music - LP

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