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01. In your careful Way

02. Pocket full of Holes

03. Soliterrity

04. Inkswell

05. Disentangled

06. Pebbles smooth and round

07. Ode

08. Tmesis

09. Aigis

10. Pnyx

11. Herse

12. Silur

13. Feuerstein

14. Prekambrium


Glutton is a post-prog quartet from Oslo, Norway, combining well-wrought lyrics with accomplished musicianship to create... atmospheric, exploratory and full- bodied pieces of music. The band members come from various musical backgrounds, and drawing on a wide range of styles and expressions, from 70s prog heroes to jazz, classical minimalism and modern alt-rockers, they have developed an idiosyncratic and substantial style.

"Outliers" is their second album, and their first on Apollon Records Prog.

Line up:

Ola Mille Bruland
Eirik Ørevik Aadland
Jonas Eide Hollund
Åsmund R. Sæbøe



Glutton - Outliers - LP

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