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Kiss Kiss King Kong is a power trio based in Bergen, Norway. The band draws inspiration from the simple and explosive rock of The Who, the jam-based approach of Motorpsycho and the raw and catchy sounds of bands like Hellacopters , Dinosaur Jr. and Cato Salsa Experience.  
Live the band has been described as «Allman Brothers on speed» – a result of the bands inherent compulsion to serve catchy dance rock and hyper-frenetic posing.  
Kiss Kiss King Kong is Einar Olsson, Morten Mjørlaug and Eirik Utne – all are known as facilitators in well-know Norwegian bands like Casiokids, Silja Sol, Real Ones , Good Time Charlie and Herr Nilsson



01. Intro the Wild

02. Be gone

03. High and low

04. 668 Neighbour of the Beast part III

05. Urgency

06. Mind

07. Tensions

08. Past Times

Kiss Kiss King Kong - B/B - LP

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