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Released on 24. May 2024. Available on CD and limited edition LP (Gold vinyl w/4-page booklet, 250x). Also available while stock lasts: Bundle with LP and signed Dan Heide 7" single


His Masters Voice is the second album from the Norwegian band X-pleasure, released 20 years after their debut album. All music and lyrics are written by Dan Heide and arranged by the whole band.

Ten songs written in a period of time when a lot of big changes were happening. Dealing with loss, grief, depression - but also love, hope, belief and personal success. A highly emotional and deeply personal record - made by a band who haven’t been in the same room for 15 years, but with a common hunger to let the world know what X-pleasure is able to do.



01. Envisioning

02. His Master's Voice

03. People you meet

04. Sister Ancious

05. Reckless Joy

06. Addicted Sean

07. The Wrestler

08. Second Round

09. Volcano

10. Chaos


X-pleasure - His Master's Voice

PriceFrom kr200.00
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