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Three new Fall releases

We have three new Fall releases ready for preordering:

Telepath is a new solo project from White Willow mastermind Jacob Holm-Lupo. A bit of thrash, a bit of doom, a fair dash of 70s hard rock, and also more than a little of the kind of soundtrack music that accompanied 80s horror flicks . Mental Mutations will be out on October 18th

Dennis - the LEGENDARY Dennis Reksten from Bergen / Garage / Elektrisk Regn is back with a new band & album, just in time to celebrate his 70th birthday. Preorder for release on September 13th

Also, a new album on Apollon Prog: Laughing Stock from Tønsberg. A band with no no goal of fitting in a specific genre. 80’s artpop, 70’s prog, neo-prog, folk and metal. They're all parts that fit in the puzzle. The single Afraid is already out, with the album Sunrise to follow on September 27th. All three are now available for preordering in our webstore :)

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