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Four Fall releases - Prog, avant-garde and Swedish melancholy

Fall is upon us, and we've got four new releases ready for preordering in our webshop:

On the proggier side of the spectrum, we have new albums from Pymlico and Yobrepus. Two very different Norwegian prog bands, which at the same time share some common ground.

Brudini is a bit harder to descibe, besides "undescribable". His debut album "From Darkness, Light" weaves an abstract, wandering tale through feelings of loss and longing, anger, lust and despair, towards cosmic consolation.

And finally, Halden-based Swede John R. Kjellström is ready to unleash his self-titled debut album upon us This is Melancholy the way only the Swedish know how to do.

All available for preordering, both on CD and vinyl NOW :)

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