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Preorder, to be released on 5. April. Available on regular LP (black vinyl), limited LP (Transparent red vinyl, 200x) and extremely limited "rejected" LP (Transparent red vinyl with wrong tracklist on cover & labels - 50x)


A true Norwegian underground classic, originally released in August 2000 by Racing Junior. Recorded mostly live in a room during November 1999, this album captures something unique and personal. Although Ai Phoenix would continue to record quite popular albums and be nominated for best rock album by the Norwegian Grammy Awards, The Driver Is Dead has become their most defining and influential work to date. The album gave them global attention and fan-base when legendary Glitterhouse Records signed them for international release. To this day, fans are actually crossing oceans to attend their rare live shows.


Ai Phoenix brought something new to the Norwegian music scene, and their sophomore album The Driver Is Dead was well received by both press, radio, and a surprising amount of record buyers. It was Album of the Week at NRKP3 (Norwegian Broadcast Company), and received rave reviews everywhere. The Driver Is Dead was the first ever album released by Racing Junior, an Oslo-based label also known for building up artists like St. Thomas, Lionheart Brothers, and releasing albums by artists Jens Lekman and Daniel Johnston in Norway.



01. We Think You Are Very Brave

02. Wishinglot

03. Snow And Light

04. This Is Close

05. The Thief and The Riversong

06. Killer, Killer Radio Thriller

07. If You Ever Saw Her Name

08. Mercury

09. Institution

10. The Sound of Troy

11. Volga Beach Hotel

12. Hey, The Driver`s Dead, We Cry

Ai Phoenix - The Driver is Dead

PriceFrom kr300.00
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