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Released on 12th April 2024.  Transparent pink vinyl, limited to 250 copies.

Lovebugs is a band against all odds. The girls have stuck together for 20 years, and even if life has put some obstacles in their way, they're still at it, making super catchy music together.
Their last release was ages ago, but they have defied line-up changes, kids, apple farms, illnesses and members living abroad - so even they themselves are impressed to have finished a new album.


If OverLoved is a concept album, then the concept is perseverance. The songs are about the challenges of staying too long in destructive relationships, and the releaf of leaving - a tribute ro the strong women who choose to stand up for themselves.



01. Circus

02. Kick

03. Bossanova

04. Warrior

05. Troubled

06. If I Go South

07. Devil

08. Queen

09. OverLoved

10. Reckless

11. Leaving

12. Warror (original master)

Lovebugs - OverLoved

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