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Released on February 16th 2024. Available on CD and LP (with 4-page lyrics booklet)

Mind out of Mind is the second album from Minneapolis-based progressive rock band K'mono. It provides a dynamic journey of sound and narrative as it weaves a tale of a king banished from his own kingdom. While flashes of the band's core inspirations, Yes, King Crimson, and Camel can still be heard at times, the sophomore effort pushes further into other sonic realms frequently drawing comparisons to Pink Floyd, Genesis, and more. Between the songwriting team of dual front men Jeffrey Carlson and Chad Fjerstad, Mind Out of Mind manages to keep its listeners on their feet as each song enters rather unpredictable territory in contrast to its prior. With the addition of Timothy Java's immaculate drumming and engineer Jake Wagner's incredibly well-rounded mix, K'mono have crafted an album receiving unanimous praise, and very high praise at that.


"If this record had been released in 1972, it might have been a bit idiosyncratic to sell well, but would definitely by now be regarded as a cult classic. I would recommend giving K’mono a little of your time, because both Mind Out of Mind and the predecessor Return to the ‘E’ are very worthy of your attention" -The Progressive Aspect



01. Mind Out of Mind

02. Good Looking

03. In the Lost & Found

04. Time Will Tell

05. Tell Me the Lore

06. Millipede Man

07. Answers in the Glass

K'mono - Mind out of Mind

PriceFrom kr180.00
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