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Released on January 26th 2024. Available on LP.


This is the sound of some bad fun being had. The Real Jobs’ debut album “Droolers” is here.

Late night tales told on evil sounding synths, aggressive, hypnotic drums, guitars being more noise than melody, and then of course the words and vocals that set the scene to make you doubt your own morals and nuke your comfort zone. Torch the house and ride to infinity!


Eirik Marinius Sandvik (Heatwaves, Jon Olav Nilsen & Nordsjøen, Lint) and Jonas Særsten (Heatwaves, Shaman Elephant, Atari) decided to make themselves a recording project where anything goes. The ugliest, the wildest. Whatever you feel like. Eirik invited long time collaborator Bryn Bowen (The Shalfonts, Mountain Cloth) on vocals, and their first single “This Playboy signs it in Blood” was cut in a single take. The song needed some guitar noise, so William Mangerøy Jensen (Lint) did his take - and the recording project morphed into a full-on band.


The Real Jobs merge dark electronica and krautrock the,n somehow blend it through a kind of 90's/00's alternative melodic filter. Think beak< meets lifter puller meets Jawbreaker. The name comes from the classic George Thouroughgood & The Destroyers song "Get a haircut" (and get a real job)



1. Jessie Leaves the Group Chat

2. This Playboy Signs it in Blood

3. Torched by an Angel

4. Clabber

5. Back When I Was Like Run

6. Real Spirit Realmers

7. Hogs

8. Dead Execs

9. I Had a Dream That You Were Mint

10. You're Good at Basketball

11. Trojans (In the Penthouse)

12. You Can Call Me Applejack

The Real Jobs - The Droolers

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