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Released on April 4th 2024. Available on CD and LP.


The Dredge from Bergen (Norway) has been feeding on rock since they were teens, which they are not anymore - One can hear the mix of lived lives and a thousand evenings of rehearsals in what is a band of incredible coordinated interplay. In addition, one can hear the inspiration of so many bands that it impossible to name them. Nonetheless, names like Jane's Addiction, The Police, XTC, Mogwai, The Mars Volta and The Smile are perhaps among them.

The Dredge is: Kjetil Vikene (vocals, guitars, keys), Mats Andersen (bass) and Helheim drummer Frode Røsjø (drums). The band was founded in the 90s, and they have finally managed to let an album escape from their vast vault of original material. And about time! It is a shame that this is only the first album; rumours have it that this ridiculously slow-moving monster of a band has enough material to fill another five albums


01. Boredom

02. Whales

03. Torches

04. Brake

05. River Twice

06. The Oil Has Reached the Delta

07. Hotel Drunk

08. Torches II: The Future Is Burning

The Dredge - Torches

PriceFrom kr200.00
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