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Preorder, to be released on May 3rd 2024. Available digitally and on LP (black vinyl).


Stain Monsters was founded in 1988 by Stein Monstad and HP Gundersen, who were both working at the legendary Bergen hangout-spot Cafe Opera at the time. They were good friends who came from two completely different worlds when it came to music.

Stein was into early synthesizer music like Gary Numan & John Foxx, HP was more into polished pop a la Steely Dan. What they had in common was the love for some sixties and early seventies acts like Electric Light Orchestra, Tyrannosaurus Rex, late Beatles and Flying Burrito Brothers.


They started a band called Stain Monster band and performed songs from mainly that period with a personal twist. Their first album was released in 1991 and has a great cult status today.


2 years ago, they decided to record a new song to see if the magic still were there.

And it absolutely was, big time!


The 2024 version of Stain Monsters can rightfully be called an “All star” band - fronted by Stein Monstad aka Stain Monster, with HP Gundersen, Kjartan Kristiansen (Dum Dum Boys) and former world’s best handball goalie Cecilie Leganger.




01. Sunday

02. Heaven

03. Bergen

04. Tropical Wind

05. Weird Game

06. Desire

07. Sacrifice

08. Mexico

09. Happy

10. Oh Baby

Stain Monsters - Still in Love

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