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Released 23. February 2024. Available on CD and LP


Gaute Storsve Band, which evolved from the Gaute Storsve Trio, has long been a significant presence in the Nordic jazz scene. Their new album "Bebé K'awiil" is a musical journey inspired by ancient Maya gods, masterfully blending Nordic jazz with Latin rhythms. The thematic inspiration for this album stems from Gaute Storsve's profound engagement with Mayan culture and archaeology, spanning over 25 years. His deep appreciation and understanding of this rich heritage have significantly shaped the band's innovative musical direction, culminating in this vibrant new release.

Featuring Cuban percussionist Angel Terry Domech from the Buena Vista Social Club, Bebé K’awiil is enriched with authentic Latin rhythms, adding a vibrant dimension to the album. "Oración a Ixchel" showcases the stunning vocals of Patricia Morales, with lyrics penned by Guatemalan writer Christina Violeta Thrane Storsve. The cultural richness of the album is further enhanced by the exquisite ceramic artwork of Mayan artist Francisco Javier Iquic Garcia.


1. Bebé K'awiil
2. Oración a Ixchel
3. Kinich
4. Itzamna
5. Chaak
6. Ixchel

Gaute Storsve Band - Bebé K'awiil

PriceFrom kr200.00
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